Tigerbob team members are artists, art collectors, and art appreciators in their own right. Each team member adds their own personal touch to their contribution.



Luis Hernandez

Cinematographer & Visual Media Management

Luis “Weesh” Hernandez is an independent film maker and art collector. He believes that art should harness emotion and use it to accomplish the artist's vision. Weesh collaborates with Gossamer to create visuals that explore the unique vision for the Tigerbob brand.

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Justin Goldberg

Marketing, Communications, Web Management

Supporting in the realm of communications strategy, Justin is an avid collector of Gossamer Rozen's work with a deep background in marketing for the arts & advocacy for freedom of expression. Justin develops websites and marketing strategies for artists, creative enterprises, philanthropic and advocacy organizations, and universities.

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Allie Farris

Graphic Design & Brand Management

Allie is a graphic designer specializing in branding, marketing and collateral design for the hospitality and cosmetics industries. She strives to create intentional work that focuses on storytelling as often as possible. It is her belief that design should be inclusive and accessible for everyone. She has also served as a designer in radical mutual aid spaces in New York.

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