Tigerbob has a strong commitment to sustainability, informed by Gossamer’s love and understanding of fiber materials, appreciation for heirloom and reused/repaired cloth, commitment to quality, and interest in practices that encourage collecting and wearing clothes that last a lifetime.

When you purchase something from the Tigerbob collection, you are not only supporting a small business – you are also making a difference. By supporting our brand, you support ethical and sustainable approaches to fashion, a healthy alternative to traditional models.

We put a lot of thought into our brand’s product sources, materials, and processes – from the makers of our sweaters down to the paper packaging for your order.





Sustainability is all about meeting your own needs without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their own needs. The term has roots in social justice, conservationism, internationalism and other past movements.

No matter how big or small, taking part in sustainable practices makes a difference now and for years to come.

We’ve chosen to be fully transparent in our sources, materials, and processes so we can empower other brands to follow in our footsteps.




Tigerbob garments are made from some of the finest animal fibers available, sourced through the Responsible Wool Standard-certified mill UPW – a member of the Sustainable Fiber Alliance, Good Cashmere Standard, and International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare.

UPW has a strong chain of custody in the production of cashmere fibers and finished yarns, with strict controls at every stage of production to ensure transparency and quality control in the supply chain, from benchmarks for animal welfare and land management practices in sheep farming, to innovative anti-forgery and tracing technologies including DNA markers and blockchain-supported record keeping. You can learn more about UPW's certifications here.




Merino wool is a natural fiber grown from Merino sheep, and is favored over wool because it is thinner and softer than regular wool. Our extrafine merino wool is even thinner than most merino wools, resulting in a near cashmere-like quality.

Cashmere wool is a natural fiber grown from certain breeds of goats. Rare and expensive, cashmere fibers are long, thin, and hollow, making it very breathable, light, and resistant to moisture.

The combination of 30% cashmere and 70% extrafine merino wool produces a lightweight garment superior in quality, without the added expense, and with a bit more structure and body than a pure cashmere garment.

Our Tigerbob garments are designed with many seasons in mind. Comfortable layering, wicking of moisture in the summer, and insulation in the winter. Combined with our unique designs, you can enjoy timeless, easy silhouettes that work for all body types all year round.

In line with our sustainability commitments, our cashmere yarn is certified and traced, and our extrafine merino wool is certified and traced under the RWS (Responsible Wool Standard). Click here to learn more.




Tigerbob has partnered with Brooklyn, NY-based Tailored Industry for manufacturing our custom-designed knitwear. Tailored Industry’s 3D knitting and seamless construction create virtually zero waste while maintaining the highest quality knitwear on the global market.

3D knit garments flow across the body unrestricted by seams, allowing for ease of movement and superior draping. The lack of seams also reduces the wear and tear you’d normally expect with a cut-and-sewn garment, that naturally occurs at the weakest points (seams).

Our partnership with Tailored Industry exemplifies our commitment to the "buy local" ethos, with practices that honor environmental responsibility, fair labor, and quality craftsmanship produced in Brooklyn which was once a hub for knitwear manufacturing.

Our made-to-order approach eliminates the need for inventory and storage, producing the exact amount of pieces needed while ensuring exclusivity and rigorous quality control for our low-edition collectible garments. Your garment is made just for you.