As a customer, you place a high value on craftsmanship, quality, and uniqueness. You admire the artistry and attention to detail that goes into bespoke, handmade clothing. 

We want our customers to notice the softness of our premium materials, and feel the comfort and ease when wearing our garments. Clothes should not only be beautifully made, but they should also be easy to wear, for all genders and body types.

We hope you'll experience a sense of pride knowing that each item is carefully crafted and produced from ethical and sustainable sources.

At Tigerbob, we understand that you're looking for more than just a piece of clothing - you're looking for a piece of art that tells a story and supports your core values. 




Tigerbob is an artist-founded, artist-led, sustainably-conscious slow fashion brand dedicated to creating clothes with intention. 

Led and supported by artist, designer, and founder Gossamer Rozen, the Tigerbob brand aims not only to preserve the artistry and bespoke nature of Gossamer’s one-of-a-kind artwork, but also to invite like-minded individuals to experience, collect, and share in the in the brand’s core messages around sustainability and art appreciation.




Tigerbob unifies the work of Gossamer Rozen under the banner of their signature tiger head, a logo originally designed for their tattoo practice, which has since been iterated in the form of illustrations, sculptures, fiber art, and digital collectibles.

The Tigerbob pixel tiger head was meticulously designed with clarity in mind. The distinct square shapes of the tiger motif allow Gossamer to resize, adjust, and reinterpret the Tigerbob tiger head in a multitude of designs that transcend medium - from pixel art to knitting pattern.

The Tigerbob brand expresses Gossamer’s rich illustrative work, which is inspired deeply by their Filipino and African American heritage, identity and exploration of the natural and manmade world, as well as the simple joys of everyday life at home with their cats.




With roots in old world craft and an appreciation for fiber art, Tigerbob was preceded by Gossamer Rozen’s namesake brand that debuted in 2020. The initial collection of a dozen pieces were handmade, one of a kind garments constructed from collected vintage and antique textiles. 

Tigerbob continues the dedication to craft, handmade, and one-of-a-kind by producing low-edition, high-quality knitwear inspired by Gossamer’s own venture into hand-loomed garments created on their vintage knitting machine. 




Tigerbob aims to be easy to wear, yet made with the highest quality materials and processes. Our silhouettes are familiar and casual, making them accessible for all genders and body types regardless of seasons and trends.

Gossamer is committed to designing clothes that are as adjacent to their handmade counterparts as possible, producing low-edition, expressive pieces that can be collected and appreciated for decades as wearable art.

Check our Sustainability page to learn more about our garments.




Founder of GROZEN FA LLC and Tigerbob, Gossamer Rozen is a nonbinary, femme, transgender, Filipino and African-American fine artist and tattooer. They have been creating work professionally since 2008, exploring a variety of media including illustration, tattooing, and fiber art.

An alum of Massachusetts College of Art and Design (2012), Gossamer is mostly self-taught in illustration, fashion, and tattooing, and has a formal art education in sculpture. Gossamer’s sculpture explorations focused on hand-sewn garments, plush toys, and ornaments which stem from childhood interests in fashion, video game, and toy design.

Gossamer's work primarily explores their identity and heritage, drawing inspiration from East Asian contemporary art and folklore, mythology, religion and spirituality, and old world textiles.